April 14, 2011

Funny Faces II

Back by popular demand... Funny Faces and some gestures too!

Spring Buds

Callan's tree is starting to bud!  Hard to see, but it's there.

Little Red Rocking Chair

The cute little rocking chair in Callan's room is a gift from my grandparents.  The chair was once my Aunt Linda's when she was a child.  The chair had been in my grandparents attic for a few decades at least.  It had some damage and a couple coats of paint on it. After taking a closer look we discovered that the chair was hand made.  My Grandmother told me the chair was red originally and at some point she repainted it.  I liked the idea of a little red rocking chair to coordinate with Callan's room and taking it back to its original color seemed to be the obvious way to go.
Here is the chair after some repair work, sanding and repainting.  I plan on making a cute little pillow for the chair.  This will hopefully be where we take Callan's month by month pictures.

Look a like

Who does Callan look the most like?  Ryan's new born picture on the right and my picture on the left... put your hands up if you think Callan looks most like daddy ;)