February 20, 2011

Where did you get that name?

Many people have asked about Callan’s name and commented on its uniqueness, where did you hear it, is it a family name?
I had seen it somewhere and always kept it in the back of my mind.  I, of course love the fact that it is unique.  I would argue that it did take a bit of convincing for Ryan, on my part.  We had a pool of names very early on where, he had his favorites and I had mine.  We were out one night for a friend’s wedding rehearsal, and Ryan ordered his favorite scotch, MaCallan, and it reminded me of the name I had seen.  I think the connection to the scotch sold him on the name. 

As for the middle name, Ryan and I have always liked the fact that our middle names rhyme.  We thought it would be cute to continue this while keeping it family oriented.  Kae has many family connections.  My dad’s sister, my Aunt Linda, was Linda Kay and Ryan’s mother’s best friend, also known as “Aunt Kay”, were the two main sources. The twist of spelling it Kae and not Kay comes from my middle name spelled Rae, which is a family name.

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