March 10, 2011

Custom Cubbyhole Shelf

Shanna, during her extensive research of baby rooms, found a shelf that she wanted to place above the changing table. Knowing that we wouldn't be able to find one to buy (and knowing it would be way overpriced) I set out to build it for her.

Inspiration Piece:

The inspiration piece is actually much larger than what we built but ours was sized to be similar to our changing table. To determine the exact size of our shelf Shanna first found the baskets she wanted to use inside the cubbyholes.

The cubbyholes needed to be 8" wide x 8" tall x 6" deep , making the entire shelf about 27" wide. To build the shelf I used 3/4" MDF that we had leftover from a previous closet project. The only additional materials used was some trim molding and hooks we picked up at Home Depot for $15. The MDF would cost about $15 making the total cost about $40 including paint. Outside was painted with gloss white (same color as the trim in our house) with red lining the cubbyholes.

Tools used to complete this project were a circular saw, jig saw for the rounded cuts, brad nail gun, hand saw and guide for 45 degree cuts of trim, and a lot of wood glue. I thought about making a drawing of the shelf and each individual piece but decided my time was better spent explaining other projects. If you really want to know, just ask.

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